Fair Value (Episode 2) of ABC, ABMD, ABT, ACN and ADBE

In this blog, which will be the second blog in this series, I am going to calculate the fair value of the following companies:

  • AmerisourceBergen Corporation Known as ABC Symbol.
  • ABIOMED, Inc, Known as ABMD Symbol.
  • Abbott Laboratories, Known as ABT Symbol.
  • Accenture plc, Known as ACN Symbol.
  • Adobe Inc, Known as ADBE Symbol.

The fair value of the above companies will be calculated based on their market capitalization, total debt, and the cash the company has in hand, based on the financial statements released by the company in the last quarter.

Company Name (Symbol)Stock Price as Of June 15, 2022Fair Value of Stock
AmerisourceBergen Corporation, ABC142.31 $158.27 $
ABIOMED, Inc, ABMD232.35 $334.02 $
Abbott Laboratories, ABT104.80 $120.08 $
Accenture plc, ACN281.19 $322.31 $
Adobe Inc, ADBE376.92 $454.52 $
Companies’ stock prices and fair value


The fair value of stocks can be used as an indicator to show if the stock is overvalued or undervalued or traded at its fair value.

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