Best Investment choices: Apple

Apple is one of the best companies ever that people can invest in especially with this volatile market that no one knows where it will move next, and here are some reasons why is that.

  1. The comapny generate more than 100 Billion Doller in free cash during 2021.
  2. Its Retrun On invested Capital 35.6% versus its industry that has 25% in ROIC, that means Apple makes 35 cents in each doller its invest.
  3. Apple’s Growth is consistant with its ROIC, that make it generate high value to its investor rather than consuming thier investment.
  4. Even if there will be increasing in Intrest Rate by the Fed in March 2022 meeting, I belive Apple’s stock will have as minume effect compared to other stocks.
  5. For the long time investment about 2 to 5 years, I belive Apple will be one of those comapny that investors will never regret investing in it.

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